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About us

We have a passion for adventure, survival, helping people in need and the freedom of the outdoors. We live by the creed of “Hard Work and Hard Play” So, we set out to make tarps to fit all those needs

Our product research comes from the community of users. We specialize in poly tarps, canvas tarps, mesh tarps, and an extensive line of accessories to go along with it. We don’t just test our products in some lab, we test our tarps with the end-user that spends time with tarps. We also test our products in-house because WE ARE THE END USER. So, whether you are using a tarp on an adventure, on the job, or in the backyard, you are armed and ready.

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Some of Our Main Products

Poly Tarps

Our line of poly tarps has always been what sets us apart from the rest. The Tarps Plus™ blue poly tarps are made with quality, yet they’re the most affordable in the market. The poly tarps are rope reinforced along the perimeter of the tarp. 

Tan Canvas Tarps

These canvas tarps are best for outdoor use as the wax treatment causes the tarps to have some odor that will dissipate over time and with use. Cotton canvas can shrink when exposed to the elements. 

Mesh Tarps

Our mesh tarps are best for outdoor use to block out the sun.  These mesh tarps provide approx. 73% shade.  The mesh tarps are a great addition to canopy shade tops and make great patio wall shades.