Tarps Plus, a DBA of Abadak Inc., launches a new website.  After 21 years of online presence, Tarps Plus has learned what tarp customers want and have created a website with all those elements.  The site now offers many new options like a volume discount calculator for poly tarps, canvas tarps, and various other types of heavy duty tarps.

Below are some news and events sponsored by Abadak.

Abadak nationwide tarp giveaway to the homeless Thanksgiving – November 2020

Abadak Inc. presents “The Tarps Plus Challenge!”, an outrageous web series pitting people against tarps in a no-win situation.

Celebrating sport and outrageous silliness; welcome to The Tarps Plus Challenge. The weekly video series features athletes, actors, magicians, and regular people in outrageous scenarios with tarps. Each week a fictional participant is presented with a challenge that demonstrates how significant the tarps from Tarps Plus are.

The spokesman Billy Mac who carries a close resemblance to the actor/filmmaker and owner of Tarps Plus Michael Stein, introduces the subjects in each video. In most cases, the subject fails at defeating the tarp in one-way shape or form.  The videos can be seen on the TARPS PLUS YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE. – January 2020

Abadak’s annual Thanksgiving tarp and canopy giveaway to Austin’s Mobile Loaves & Fishes for the Austin Texas homeless. – November 2016

Abadak tarp drive for the homeless, supplying more than 1000 tarps to the Los Angeles city homeless and needy at the LA Mission. Right Picture: George Lopez handing out food. – November 2015

UFC 188 – Abadak sponsored UFC fighter Jonny Case Wins against Francisco Treviño. –  June 2015

The launch of the Abadak Monster Chair.  The “Monster Chair” is a fun promotional item to compliment our tarps and canopies while experiencing your adventures outdoors.  The chair is a favorite with tailgaters, campers and outdoor enthusiasts. – November 2014

Abadak continues it’s tarp drive for the homeless, supplying more than 1000 tarps to the Los Angeles city homeless and needy. – November 2014

The Annual Abadak 50 Summer Shootout at Willow Springs Raceway. CLICK HERE TO WATCH A CLIP OF THE 2014 ABADAK 50 – August 2014

Canopies for Kids.  Austin Texas and Palmdale California school functions.  Bringing teachers, parents, students together.  Tarp and tent donation program. March 2014

The 2013 Los Angeles Abadak Tarp Aid.  Our 10th year!  Left Picture: Michael Stein, Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa and Abadak employee Steve Benson – November 2013

The Abadak 50 Summer Shootout!  A sponsored event at Willow Springs Raceway. Money, tarps, and canopies were supplied in efforts to preserve the legendary raceway. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE 2013 ABADAK 50 – August 2013

Abadak sponsors it’s first Winter Classic Race at Willow Springs Raceway. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE ABADAK WINTER CLASSIC – December 2012


Abadak breaks its tarp donation record of 3000 tarps, donating tarps to the homeless in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington D.C.. November 2012

Abadak breaks it’s tarp donation record for one city.  Over two thousand tarps were donated to the Los Angeles city homeless.  The event is held every year, the day before Thanksgiving at the LA Mission. Right Picture: Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Love Hewitt – November 2011

Abadak sponsors Antelope Valley Sherriff’s Department.  Tarps and canopies were donated to the department to keep their vehicles protected from the rain and sun. – June 2011

Abadak / Tarps Plus 2nd year tarps drive for the homeless.  CLICK HERE FOR NEWS COVERAGE OF 2010 TARP DRIVE – November 2010

Abadak / Tarps Plus kicks off it’s first tarps drive for the homeless.  – November 2009